How this Works:

Most videos that are created by a business, are mean’t to serve a main purpose – to advertise that business – be it a straight advertisement, branding, product, service, mission statement, explainer, reason de etre, or educational video – all of these are created to show that the business exists, what they do, and where they are!

When proper thought, planning, scripting, filming, and editing are put into a production, the results can be spectacular – highly targeted, visible, viral, shared, while also creating lead conversions for the business.

Mostly however, videos are done on the spur of the moment, without a highly defined and targeted purpose, poorly executed, which often leaves the business doubting the use and expense of video!

Have a look through the Main page and in the Portfolio – and if you are eploring an idea, you will see a variety of ads, clips, explainers, stingers, whiteboard and end cap style videos, which could be used as a starting point!

These can be added on to by editing in or taking out content, and putting in relevant contact and call to action text, annotations or cards.

This keeps costs down while keeping a higher quality production!

  • Prices

  • Customized Professional Commercial For Your Business
  • Full-Motion 60 Second Commercial
  • Customized Slide At Beginning And End
  • Live Action Actor/Actress Shares Highlights Of Your Business
  • Animated Logo Reveal
  • Customized YouTube Channel
  • Search Engine Promotion